How to Help

Those living in Southern California can help Green Dog immensely with your charitable donation of any of the following items. If you’d like to make a monetary donation, please click on the at the bottom of the page! These items are always in need and they help in keeping us and those we support going…

If you’d like to volunteer with us, please click here!

  • Dog & cat crates, houses, kennels, wire exercise pens, and baby gates are a tremendous help for those recovering from surgeries and/or stress-related situations
  • Healthy dog food, both canned and kibbled, of all types and nature
  • Gift certificates or debit cards for discount or club stores (cards that do not directly help Green Dog’s facilities can be auctioned off at fundraising events!)
  • Pre-paid gasoline debit cards help to cut the tremendous transportation costs associated with shelter runs and pulls, fundraising events, vet calls, adoption events, picking up donations, etc.
  • Toys, treats, chews, bowls, shampoos, conditioners, brushes, hair clippers, nail clippers, clothing, etc.
  • New and/or gently used beds and pillows keep our newcomers comfortable
  • New and/or gently used towels, sheets, blankets and rugs are used daily by our animals
  • New and/or gently used harnesses, collars, leashes, gentle leaders and other training supplies and materials are always used and in need
  • Gift certificates for pet supply stores or online shopping sites
  • An Apple notebook is currently on our top priority list to enable another founder the opportunity to update books and information while on-the-go…since this is a non-profit charitable organization, most founders also have other ‘day jobs’.  A generous donation of an additional Apple MacBook would greatly increase our efficiency.  We are also greatly in need of working printers and copiers.
  • Office and copy supplies or gift certificates for office supply or photocopy stores help us in keeping the costs of advertising events and fundraisers down
  • A truck or small moving van or truck is greatly needed for collecting items and goods to be distributed through our up-and-coming Southern California resale store!
  • Vacuums in good working order are used daily to keep our facilities clean and disease-free
  • Washing detergents (preferably ‘green detergents’) are always needed and used daily for our animals’ care